Stockmans Working Kelpie Stud

Sires as at 2016

Our sires are available to join to outside females fee negotiable.

Harris Farms BonusDOB 17/03/18 Allstates Betts X Kippakoop Snippets
We have been able to procure a great young dog from Peter Griffiths, Peter rang and said “I have your next 3 sheep trial dog here” on watching how he controls his sheep with the right amount of distance, eye, cover and strength I bought him there and then. He has something special that you don’t see very often and I am proud to own him. There is a video of him on my Stockmans Kelpies Facebook page. Bonus has sired some excellent progeny.

Bonus careful approach

Harrisfarms Bonus

Allstates Tex DOB Aug 2015 (Karana Scooter x Allstates Glow) is a great sire his progeny are winning on the trial ground as well as at home as station dogs. He is by a very good Karana dog and his mother is by Barru Monkey from a top Gogetta blood bitch. He has 8 National Kelpie Trial Champions plus some Australian Yard Dog Champions in his pedigree. Tex is a very biddable powerful dog very good outside with free back & bark inside.

Allstates Tex

Gogetta Chism (Barru Monkey x Gogetta Lana) Chism is a big red & tan dog. He is an easy dog to handle with a great work ethic. He has a very fast cast but steady once he is behind stock using only as much force as needed. He backs well and has a big powerful bark when asked. Chism has a great temperament and is a lovely dog to have around.News flash Chism has won the Benalla 3 sheep arena Farmers Trial, only 16 months old and never seen an obstacle before!
News Flash Chism has just been sold for $10,000 – 2016.

Gogetta Chism winner Farmers 3 sheep arena trial Benalla.

Karrawarra Frank (Tackle) Karrawarra Sol x Paddys Pearl DOB 15/07/11 Black & Tan. An interesting young dog in the Karrawarra mould out of the great brood bitch Paddys Pearl. Stockmans Stud own Tackle in conjunction with the Allstates Kelpie Stud. Tackle has the cast, distance and break that Karrawarra dogs are known for. He also has plenty of strength and will back & bark freely. He is a strong fearless cattle dog. Tackle is now the number one dog working on a property with 12,000 sheep and 1,000 cattle.
Tackle is a great casting dog have a look at this bit of him mustering in steep hill country.

Karrawarra Frank (Tackle) a great looking young dog seen at 16 months.

Karrawarra Frank (Tackle) cautious but strong.

Karrawarra Frank (Tackle) great cover.

Stockmans Clancy DOB 2002 – 2019, black & tan (Karana Bindi X Avenpart Pepa) Clancy is my “go to” dog, the dog I use when I have a difficult job, if I could have only one dog to work my sheep and cattle I would pick Clancy. He also has a special place after saving me from a bull attack see the feature article page. He has been used as a sire by the Allstates Kelpie stud.
We lost Clancy this year 2019 when many days over 40 were just too much for him.

Stockmans Clancy

Stockmans Clancy working cattle.

Reference sires

Karana Bindi DOB 1998, black & tan (Capree Watch X UD Scarlett) died 20/03/07 Bindi was a great mustering dog with a huge cast, strong on cattle yet had good natural distance off his stock he would back and bark on command, a top sire of outstanding all round workers, used several times by Kirkaldy Kelpie Stud.

Karana Bindi

Nearo Sky 1996- 2007 Blue (Wundurra Wylie X Connley’s Jess) Sky had eye on a few and was a good mustering dog yet he was a tough fearless yard and shed dog, he was a descendant of Scanlons Fred and he reminded me a lot of that outstanding sire, like S Fred, Sky was one of only a few Kelpies who would back cattle. Sky was a top sire and has been used widely in several studs.

Nearo Sky

N Sky working goats and sheep as a young dog.

Outside Sires Used

Barru Monkey Paddys Shadow X Barru Dot
Monkey is a big upstanding dog chock full of old Karrawarra blood. He is a very natural backing, barking dog inside a true full on yard dog. He still has all the attributes of the Karrawarra dogs outside with a great cast and natural break. He is a very strong dog with steady walk up force when working a few outside but he likes to get in and mix it with any stock. He is a true all round dog on any stock, sheep or cattle.

Barru Monkey

Barru Monkey - Paddys Shadow x Barru Dot