Stockmans Working Kelpie Stud


Stockmans Stud guarantee all pups to work within 12 months of purchase, should a pup fail to work it will be replaced free of charge providing the following conditions are adhered to:

  • The pup must be kept under control either in a yard or tied up when not under direct supervision.
  • Pups must be socialized and educated with basic commands to enable control when their natural ability to work stock clicks in.
  • Pups must be treated for parasites and given proper nutrition and care.
  • Pups must be housed in a comfortable weather protected kennel or pen.
  • Pups must be treated in a humane manner and given genuine opportunity to develop their natural ability to work stock.
  • Purchasers with a pup that is slow to start working are to communicate with the stud for advice on how best to encourage the particular pup to start.
  • In the event that a pup fails to work and is to be returned that return must be in consultation with the stud and will be at the purchaser’s expense. The pup must be in good health having had no physical or psychological abuse.
  • No responsibility will be accepted for any accident or illness incurred by a pup during the period of the guarantee.

Riana Meggie x Porters Twister pups S Cocoa Chanel and S Zoe 2nd exploring their new world both these pups are working well for their new owners.