Stockmans Working Kelpie Stud

Dams as at 2016

Stockmans Jenny 2nd. (Karrawarra Frank X Riana Liz. We have been able to get Jenny back to breed from after she injured herself and can no longer do a full days work. Jenny is full of very good old outside blood, she is a good casting dog with natural distance, cover and hold.

Where has mum been all day?

Allstates Paris – (Canawindra Levi X Allstates Pink) DOB Sep 15
Red and Tan. Paris is a top young bitch with great cover and hold yet plenty of force with back & bark. We expect to trial Paris in the near future in utility and/or 3 sheep trials. We look forward to her first litter. Paris competed in her first trial with a 90 in her first run and finishing 2nd

Stockmans Flicka DOB 22/4/2013. Flicka is a very good athletic type black & tan bitch. She is out of our very good brood bitch Karana Gidgee and her sire is Barru Duke. Flicka has a great wide break with plenty of hold and cover. She will back & bark on command but is really a natural paddock worker. We expect her to be a top brood bitch and are looking forward to starting a couple of her first pups. You can see her working on youtube here if you copy and paste this address.

Stockmans Flicka with a tummy full.

Riana Liz ( Annie) DOB 21/1/2009 Annie is a typical Riana type Kelpie with stylish paddock work. A good wide cast and good natural distance off her sheep. She is very biddable and easy to work. Here is a little of Annie working some young shorn ewes.

Riana Liz (Annie)

Riana Liz (Annie)

Reference Dams these bitches have been retired from breeding or have died.

Riana Meggie DOB 2003/2017, black & tan (Driftwood Clyde X Riana Bula) Meggie is an outstanding mustering bitch be it on 3 or 3000, she is the type of dog I am looking for. Meggie is also a good strong cattle dog with some nose bite but no bark to upset stock.
Meggie is a litter sister to Riana Battle sold to the USA for the record price of $11,268au. Riana Stud has kept two from this litter and Jan Lowing Karmala Stud has another from the litter Riana Delta Dawn also a top brood bitch and worker.
Riana Meggie is line bred to Karrawarra Tammy 2nd and Karrawarra Zoe litter sisters that were themselves line bred to Scanlons Dell possibly the greatest Kelpie ever.
Meggie is all old heritage Kelpie blood.

Riana Meggie

Meggie will nose bite if needed but still gentle and off her stock.

Karana Lucky 2nd DOB 9 Dec 2005/2017 Black & Tan – Sire Karana Duke X Dam Karrawarra Mallee Lucky is another full sister to Karana Sami and Karana Gidgee. She shows a nice amount of eye and style outside and is natural at backing and has a good bark. She is a proven breeder of good all round workers.

Karana Lucky with her pups by Broken River Cougar

Karana Gidgee DOB 15/08/2006 Black & Tan A3F 14645 sire Karana Duke winner National Kelpie Trial 2007 dam Karrawarrra Mallee K Gidgee is a full sister to Karana Sami winner National Kelpie Trial 2008.
K Gidgee is producing outstanding allround workers including K Kanga & K Rosie 2nd retained by Karana stud.
K Gidgee is a very stylish worker with excellent cover and holding ability. She backs natually and has plenty of bark when required.

Karana Gidgee breaking in the demo sheep at the Nth Tuppal 72 stand shed shearing re-enactment 5/06/10

Karana Gidgee - Karana Duke x Karrawarra Mallee and her pups by Stockmans Clancy - Karana Bindi x Avenpart Pepa

Stockmans Kate 2001 to 2015, blue & tan (Nearo Sky X Avenpart Pepa) Kate is a top all rounder who has bred well to both Karana Bindi and Stockmans Clancy. Kate will work cattle and sheep she is good mustering or in the yards a true all round worker.

Stockmans Kate

Stockmans Kate

Stockmans Meg 3rd 1998 to 2013 cream (Cubberoo Sandy X Stockmans Meg 2nd) Owned by the Weaire family a great breeder of all round workers especially when bred to Nearo Sky.
Vale Stockmans Meg 3rd just a week from her 15th birthday, Meg had been the one constant reliable thing in Ann’s life for the past several years. She will be missed by many.

Stockmans Meg 3rd