Stockmans Australian Stock Horse Stud

Export sale

In 2002 Stockmans Stud exported a stallion to the USA.

Stockmans Swagman is the first registered Australian Stockhorse Stallion to be approved by the ASHS board for export to the USA.

Article printed in the Western Horseman Oct 2010

Swagman was bred and started by Bill & Marg Scott from “Nioka” Glenrowan in Victoria.

For about 40 years we have been importing quarter horses into Australia many people didn’t value our own station bred horses after all they had no formal registration. All that changed 30 years ago when the Australian Stockhorse Society was formed to formalise and record the breeding of our Australian bred horses. We must thank the founders of our society who realised that we had some very good horses here.

Now the tide has turned and it is our turn to export breeding horses to the USA. Many performance horses have already been exported to the USA and elsewhere but Swagman is the first stallion to be exported for breeding purposes.

Stockmans Swagman takes with him some of our best genetics in that he carries several crosses of the famous and influential foundation sire Radium. Horses like Abbey, Black Radium, Radium 2nd, Rayon, Black Radiant, Radium’s Echo & Radium all feature in his pedigree through his sire Kyabra Radium Abbey.

Stockmans Swagman has been purchased by Kip Gates from Burns in Colorado. Kip saw Swagman while visiting the Scott’s prior to competing in the Man from Snowy River Challenge at Corryong in Victoria’s high country.

Kip wishes to start an Australian Stockhorse Stud in the USA and believes he will improve his Quarter horses by crossing them with Stockmans Swagman, he said, “this horse will stretch out my horses and give them more endurance, height & walking ability, and I just love his great temperament”.

Kip has been very impressed with our Australian Stockhorses since he first came out to compete three years ago and vows to be back again next year to compete and maybe look for a mare or two to take home.

Kip will compete with Swagman in rodeo events in the USA and use him on his cattle ranch high up in the Rocky Mountains, he also will use him in his outfitting business taking hunters up to 14,000 feet in search of Elk, Trout or Mountain Lion.

Swagman was only available for sale as the Scott’s have retained several sisters to him and so need an unrelated sire to use in their Australian Stockhorse Stud.

The Scott’s have been breeding and competing with their Stockhorses for close to 30 years and have been successful in many different events such as Led, Working, Hacking, Endurance, Campdrafting, Polocrosse, even Dressage and Hunting. Two very versatile horses that have been very successful are Swagman’s sire Kyabra Radium Abbey and Swagman’s full sister Stockmans Gypsy.

The sale of Swagman to the USA is one of the highlights the stud has enjoyed along with many Championships and just the pleasure of owning good horses.

Stockmans Swagman in his new home in Colorado.

Stockmans Swagman on a mountain in Colorado

Bill riding Swagman in 2011 checking cattle in the high country in Colorado.