Bill riding Stockmans Magic with Meggie, Gidgee & Annie mustering some ewes early in the morning.

Bill riding Stockmans Magic with Meggie, Gidgee & Annie mustering some ewes early in the morning.

Nike Air Max 90 Kids Melbourne

April 11, 2011 CE brand of "new aristocracy love life" 2011 Fall Conference and the new kid on the promotion of ordering marketing director in Quanzhou Nanan, Australia Wei Xiaodong, Chief Executive of movement throughout the country and the Nike Air Max 90 Kids, etc. held executive general manager agents, distributors will attend the event together, and CE share in 2011 fall fashion children bring life. Since the children open the tour began CE, CE to CE so that each brand has from the internal distribution of the brand's relentless pursuit of natural beauty elegance of a child, happy and healthy Responsible Care every child's growth bring to the brand and increase product innovation and research and development, continue to bring Chinese children living in Australia and grow up happy mood, make them feel the joy of getting a wonderful way.

Conference on "new aristocracy love life" will focus on the CE network model contest awards ceremony, awards ceremony and in 2011 Chief Executive of the three new sample the best start in autumn and ordered dealers to bring the content of new elegant fashion elite , and the style brand health journey from Australia. CE CE network model contest is brand marketing brand aims to create a show for the children's self-style, personality and platforms to guide the development of children's physical and mental health of 2011 one of the major initiatives to improve the overall quality of children, use new orders will fall network model of the machine Competition awards ceremony will not only continue to follow the explosive popularity of CE network model contest detonated, and the continuation of the Nike Air Max 90 Kids brand new round of publicity and promotion. Meanwhile, the meeting will also CE awarding ceremony of outstanding dealers in recognition of outstanding dealers morale, while encouraging all the dealers and marketing for a new round of fighting pledge CE play.

The new fall season, CE resorted to strike out, including the introduction of children's shoes, children's clothing, including CE children are very elegant style, children's shoes and clothing to the further integration of China to seize the market, the continuation of royal descent, and continue to enrich Nike Air Max 90 Kids create a new, modern, professional and well-being of Chinese descent royal closet, and strive to create Chinese children in the consumer electronics industry's leading high-end brands.

Adi & Bill with a good Gogetta bred pup.

The Border Collie participants at the clinic in Israel.